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Provider of fiber optic infrastructure and tower solutions, NeXBIT supplies a vast array of telecommunications services designed to update, optimize, and expand telecommunications infrastructure in Latin America and The Caribbean.

Leveraging the latest technology and strategic approaches to problem solving, we develop practical, cost-effective solutions tailored to advancing telecommunications in the region.

Turn your cost center assets into revenue generating transformative structures. We are your ally for innovative technology and superior business model innovation.

Tower partner program

Expert knowledge and experience in all areas of the telecommunications industry​

Rely on a team with a long history in the design, building, managing and Installation of a vast portfolio of telecommunications towers and equipment.

Work with proven leaders of the industry to build your tower
Eliminate the pains of managing different vendors to source your infastructure needs, work with one team that has the experience, knowledge and well established methodology to build longlasting high-quality sites.
  • On time delivery
  • Solid financial resources
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Simple site selection

Start monetizing your rooftop assets

Turn your rooftop assets into passive sources of income. Our team will be right there with you to guide you through the process, from negotiation of the rooftop lease, through its excecution and long term site management.

  • Guidance throughout the process
  • Site management
  • Legal advice
  • Support

Service excellence for a longlasting relationship

We put all our efforts to build strong relationship with property owners to ensure the best experience while working with us. With integrated resources and our team of experienced professionals, we are always there to provide bespoke service.

  • 24/7 Maintance services
  • High Standard Programs
  • Network Implementation
  • Cable Installations
Turning projects into successful stories

Integrated services drive our success


Cable installation of fiber optics

Especially in underground that presents difficult challenges. Our expert services help you to overcome all the challenges and we perform hexagonal perforation for these as and when required.


RF network planning and implementation

Our network optimization services ensure fewer dropped calls, seamless transition between cells and better data speed.


Management of both large-scale and small-scale programs

From initial conceptual planning to complete integration we are all the way through with you.

Experts in fiber optics

Expand the possibilities

We offer a complete package of fiber optic internet, technological solutions to boost your business and leap your business. We create Seamless Technology Solutions tailored for you.

Wireless island coverage of Puerto Rico
fiber coverage
Metropolitan district coverage

Our solutions

We manage your infrastructure

We offer proper installation, efficient operation and 24/7 maintenance of critical infrastructure.


We have an outstanding portfolio of wireless communications sites, including towers all over USA and latin america. Our processes have been designed to provide a faster network deployment and our towers ensure more capacity, which reduces the need for structural modifications.

Billboards / Rooftops

We offer you a wide portfolio of billboard & rooftops and other tall structures in strategic locations around the US and Latin America.

Backup power

We offer you a wide portfolio of rooftops and other tall structures in strategic locations around the US and Latin America.

Data Centers

We offer you a wide portfolio of rooftops and other tall structures in strategic locations around the US and Latin America.

Buildings & Venues

Users, whether inside buildings or in outdoor large public venues, need to connect and communicate.

Fiber optic services

We offer you a wide portfolio of rooftops and other tall structures in strategic locations around the US and Latin America.


We are experts in various protocols like LTE, UMTS, CDMA, GSM, Wi-Fi and LMR

From project management all the way to turnkey deliveries. Our global experts create the world’s most efficient mobile networks, the intelligence to maximize the value and the platform to make it all work synchronously.

  • Site acquisition services
  • Construction management services
  • Engineering services
  • Site development services

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